Weaving Hopes for the Future

An arts and cultural response to climate degradation with the focus on creating a space for Orang Asli youths and women to participate meaningfully in climate action both locally and globally.

This project is rooted in four main principles, namely; education, activism, empowerment, and creative art that guides the Orang Asli to document and create tools from their lens – as the holders of traditional ecological knowledge that has managed land resources responsibly and sustainably – that could be used as a leverage to policy makers.

In this project, we’re facilitating a group of both Master and young weavers in the creation of an art installation, which will hopefully be featured in the COP26 in Glasgow this year.


Promote the inclusion of indigenous women communities in climate action

Capacity building on the OA youth to create creative output and/or documentation that can be used to inform the public and/or influence policy makers

Provide a stepping stone and exposure for these youth to connect their stories of struggles with the world for their otherwise marginalised voices to be heard and supported


Climate and Customary Land Rights Workshop

Weaving Art Installation

Coming Soon

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