Studio Seni Orang Asal

A digital project featuring Orang Asli artists where we either invite artists to a studio or visit their studios in order to capture and share about their art and craft, while simultaneously bringing out the intricate value of their work and knowledge.

The logo of Studio Seni Orang Asal (SSOA) is made up of three elements to reflect that their culture is closely connected to nature, and its form and inspiration comes from the land.

  • ‘SS’ represents the river or moving water
  • ‘O’ represents the sun
  • ‘A’, shaped as a triangle, represents the mountain

To provide an inclusive and safe space for Orang Asli artists to share their work  through the video and digital live stream formats

To contribute to the online repository and digital archiving of Orang Asli arts and culture

To attract Orang Asli youth to their own arts and culture, as well the Malaysian community to know and learn more about our indigenous people

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