Glossaries for Unwritten Knowledges

An interdisciplinary arts initiative that aims to create a new ethical framework for creative projects engaging with the indigenous communities of Malaysia, and empowering indigenous discourse through the development of new ways of non-hierarchical collaboration in visual culture. Presented in partnership with Centre for Urban Mythologies, with a research partner, Persatuan Kebudayaan & Kesenian Orang Asal Perak.

Manifesting as a mentorship programme for Malaysian Orang Asal artists to develop moving image works in the context of an intensive interdisciplinary lab, and a research project that amalgamates interviews, personal reflections, and a survey exploring Orang Asli cultural resilience and identity in thinking about how we can work towards equity and equality. The first phase of GfUK culminated in an art exhibition and a publication that consolidate the outcomes and findings of the current projects respectively.

A project supported by the Prince Claus Fund and Goethe-Institut under the Cultural and Artistic Responses to Environmental Change 2020 grant.

Centre for Urban Mythologies (CUM) is a project-based research initiative based in Singapore with an interest in the (im)material tensions present within the urban contexts of the Southeast Asian region, and how it connects to a wider network of economies and ideologies.

Persatuan Kebudayaan & Kesenian Orang Asal Perak (PKKOAP) is an Orang Asli-led organisation based in Perak, Malaysia. Established by a group of passionate Orang Asli individuals upon the realisation that the indigenous community of Perak are still far behind in the development of their own arts, culture, customs and traditions, PKKOAP aims to bring their community together towards the development of their own arts and culture.


To produce engaging, relevant, and artistically qualified moving image works by Orang Asal talents with Orang Asal talents

To promote the widespread adoption of the ethical framework for engaging and representing indigenous narratives and works

To empower and encourage the reclamation of indigenous narratives through creative means in Malaysia, and providing a platform for these works

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