Gerimis Publications

A series of books produced and published in collaboration with Orang Asli community leaders and partner coordinators.

Research papers are TLDR. Most people are desensitized towards scientific data. Words such as ecosystem, biodiversity, and sustainability are overused and under-understood.

So we bring you publications that are digestible and interesting to read with a mix of texts and photographs, infographics, and illustrations—with the hope that our readers not only understand the messages intellectually, but also empathise with their hearts and are moved to stand alongside Orang Asli in protecting their homes.


To gain international readership for Orang Asli stories to have a wider reach, impact, and following

To encourage and create more platforms the development of creative talents among Orang Asli

To grow Orang Asli resources, literature, and cultural texts


Mad Weave (1st Print)

Mad Weave (2nd Print)

Solastalgia: Forest, Crafts & The People

Seletar Photobook

Herbs & Medicines

Cermor (1st Print)

Cermor (2nd Print)

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