Gallery Gerimis

A space dedicated to indigenous arts and culture, featuring works from Orang Asli artists and artisans, as well as stories from our archives.

This is where we hope (re)connections happen—with our indigenous people, our age-old forests, and the richness of their arts, culture, and tradition that are intimately connected to the land.

As you walk through our gallery, we want to bring you what is otherwise remote by giving you a better insight into the world we experience with the Orang Asli, because ultimately, it is your world too and it calls for each of us to protect and nurture this home together.


Organising exhibitions, workshops and cultural events that support the continuity of Orang Asli’s artistic creations

A hub for Orang Asli resources, knowledge-sharing, and discourse

To connect citizens, artists, scientists, thinkers, activists and cultural producers to indigenous communities, and spark collaboration


Main Gallery

Seasonal Gallery

Resource Centre

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