Book a Trip: Indigenous Tropical Adventure Homestay (ITAH Campsite)

If you’re interested in making a trip to ITAH Campsite, please fill in your details here. We’ll plan an itinerary for you and make it happen!

Suggested itinerary for 3 days 2 nights
Fees: RM300 per person

Day 1

8:00am Start journey from KL to Klink Kesihatan Betau 
11:00am Arrive & Park at Klink Kesihatan Betau
11:15am Transfer to 4wd
1:00pm Arrive at ITAH Campsite
1:15pm Unpack at respective chalet
2:00pm Lunch & Rest & Shower
4:00pm Tumbuk padi demonstration*
5:30pm Sungai Kenderung river excursion*
8:00pm Dinner served
9:00pm Sewang performance
11:00pm Goodnight

Day 2

8:30am Breakfast served
10:00am Head to Lubuk Yang Remi*
10:30am Arrive at Lubuk Yang Remi
10:45am Chill or go for a jump in the river (warning: fast current!)
12:00pm Head back to ITAH Campsite
12:30pm Arrive at ITAH Campsite
12:45pm Rest & Shower
1:30pm Lunch served
4:00pm Farm harvesting (ubi, other vegetables & herbs)*
5:00pm Traditional cooking
6:00pm Rest & Shower
8:00pm Dinner served
9:00pm Crafts sharing
11:00pm Goodnight

Day 3

8:30am Breakfast served
9:30am Pack up
10:30am Start journey to Klinik Kesihatan Betau
12:00pm Arrive at Klinik Kesihatan Betau
3:00pm Arrive back at KL

Fees breakdown
Hilux transfer = RM40 / in and out
Food = RM60 / 6 meals
Accommodation = RM50 / 2 nights
Sewang = RM40 / per person
Activities = RM80 / per person (for 4 activities)
Management = RM30 / per person

Other available activities
Rakit building
Hot spring
Open to suggestions

You can also do a day trip, 2-day trip, or more.
You can mix and match, or add more activities.


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