GERIMIS Art Project started in 2018 to reconnect with Malaysia’s Orang Asli (OA), their histories, and traditions through the lens of the arts and culture. We chose to focus on the arts and culture because it celebrates, yet touches on the inner world and way of life of the OA.

OA stories are seldom told by the people themselves. We come to know their tales in documentaries, research articles, and books, but rarely they are given the camera to film, the pen to write, or brush to paint. 

With this in mind, GERIMIS took the direction of a collaborative art project and archiving initiative. We work alongside OA key figures and community members to recognise, revive, and preserve the OA arts and culture.

How we work

We work proactively with Orang Asli and other indigenous people/initiatives at local, regional, and international levels.

We practice the principle of free, prior and informed consent (FPIC), which gives a community the right to give or withhold its consent to proposed projects that may affect their private lives.

We focus on the arts and cultural knowledge and identity, including locally-based understanding of the relationships between nature, humans and the spiritual.

Our team

Wendi Sia is a full-time copywriter. She has been professionally writing for 5 years. Her works have been selected for VOICES 2017 workshop with George Town Literary Festival and the 2018 Far East Film Festival Campus.

Sebastian Heng is a full-time illustrator. He has 5 years of experience in the entertainment industry. His works have been exhibited at ‘8” by 6” Project II’ and ‘BELANG Exhibition 2020’.

Sharon Yap is a full-time art director. She has over 17 years of experience in ATL & BTL advertising and media agencies, and is the founder & brand consultant of Creative 126 Enterprise.

Sarah Amer has been doing events and community outreach for 6 years, organising ‘Kota Wanita’ and ‘Bukan Sekadar Bicara’ in 2016 and ‘Save Pekan Ampang’ campaign in 2015. She now runs a boutique creative agency, Samasana Studios.

Vision & Mission


We want to be a platform where knowledge-sharing, collaboration, and talent generation come together to (1) make indigenous art and cultural expression in various forms more visible in order to acknowledge the power of these expressions, and
(2) spur new thinking, creativity, imagination, innovations in indigenous arts and culture.


  • Mobilisation and revival of indigenous knowledge through fieldwork and collaboration.
  • Archival and documentation via print and online media, as well as public events.
  • Provide support to promote the transmission of knowledge, skills and practices.
  • Inspire the development of new talents and encourage stewardship for the indigenous people to be the champions of their own stories.

Past Works

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Gerimis Art Project is the recipient of the 2018 INXO Arts Fund, Krishen Jit ASTRO Fund, and Hai-O Arts & Culture Grant.

Some of our collaborators include Persatuan Kebudayaan & Kesenian Orang Asal Perak, Seletar Cultural & Arts Society, Gerai OA and weavers of Kumpulan Kembang Sejambak from Kampung Paya Rumput, Selangor, Kraf X, and Nature Classroom Penang.

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